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Ma Listening and Mouvement is a constantly evolving study involving a variety of body movement arts and techniques that combine elements of Hatha Yoga, Theatre methodologies, Dance, and Bioenergetics.

Life is expressed through motion, and when we study its movements the body becomes an extraordinary vehicle through which to access inner resources, and understand and use body language.

We study and observe the functional aspects of movement that modulate creative expression such as energy, dynamics, and feeling.

The art of listening movement

In the practice of MA, the sensory aspects of this system are reawakened through dynamic practices, gradually recovering through vital and natural movement.

We consider the body as a “Complex Biological System” through which we can trace the evolutionary process dynamic in relationship between structure and function.

The practice of MA is based on the study of conscious movement and the development of listening skills and concentration.

A flowing sequence of movements adapted to western practitioners

The fundamental sequence of movements included in MA is based on the Hatha Yoga teachings practiced in the Auroville Ashram of Pondicherry – Madras, South India – introduced into Italy by Pietro Bretto.
The preparatory practices for the Asanas and the Asanas themselves, still in the respect of traditional precepts, consist of a series of flowing movements and positions that are harmonized with the natural breathing.

Steps and passages

Opening up to perceive the feeling behind movement, and surrendering to the force of gravity.
Recovering our relationship with the earth as it sustains us and with its solidity.

Creative processes are activated through constantly seeking and channeling expressive impulses, accompanied by a meticulous technical work.
Practices relate mostly to sensitive Dance.

Tha Play

Theater methodologies are inspired by some of the teachings of Jacques Lecoq, comprising an in-depth study of the technical foundations and techniques of theatre training aimed at achieving freedom in creative expression.
A first study involves working with ‘neutral masks’ to achieve a ‘neutral state’, that is, a state which precedes all action and which predisposes us to a condition of openness in discovering our Presence.

Expressive masks allow the body full emotional spontaneity, as enhanced by the silence and the poetry they evoke; these characters speak to something profound in all of us and allow the very essence of human feelings to emerge and find expression through movement.

Study of different theatrical styles from tragic to comic: Abstract, Melodrama, Tragedy, Buffoni, Clown.

ω The forgotten body

The instrument Bioenergetics becomes useful where there is to deal with a work of resistance and energy blocks to encourage the opening of the breathing and the flow of movement in all areas of the body.

This practice works on the fundamental principles of Grounding, Natural Breathing, Energetic Processes, Emotions, quality of Contact.

"Body techniques, based on awareness: hatha yoga, dance and bionergetic techniques. A sensitve approach, where the body becomes a vehicle of awareness through Yoga practice and listening and movement techniques: beginners courses and workshops in Rome". Carla Fioravanti body-mind trainer